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What is RunRun?


What is RunRun?

Designed for someone who is looking friends and exercises. Swipe for meeting the like-minded healthy people. Ranged of health event to participate. No more boring exercise. The fun element is turning everyday walking to a game. Track the steps and you can compete among “Friends”. RunRun is all about Friends, Functions and Fun. Swipe it. Move it


You can download RunRun on iOS and Android.

Can I use RunRun anywhere in the world?


RunRun is now available for download in Singapore and Taiwan (in alphabetical order). Welcome to download RunRun on iOS and Android. 

We will be rolling RunRun to more countries in the next 6 months. Stay tuned. 

How do I report someone?


Safety is a top priority for us and you. While you may report someone who has made you uncomfortable. RunRun we would like to know why to help us improve the quality of your matches. 

The report function can be found at 3 locations in the app: 

  1. Match

  2. Chat 

  3. Feed (under Chat)

tap the menu ellipses icon at the right top corner > Report.