Simple Guide

Can I search for a specific person on the RunRun?


RunRun will provide suggestions on people who share the similar interests as you. 

When you both mutually swipe like, you can find the matched person in Chat. 

How do I send a message to a matched like?


RunRun would like you to have meaningful conversations. You can chat with your matches after both parties swipe a “like”. 

How can I improve my matches?


Tap Profile on the main screen > Filter  

You may select the followings: 
Distance from me
Age range

Tap the Chat, select the chat with the person that you want to unmatch. Then tap the menu ellipses icon at the right top corner > Unmatch 

After the unmatch, you won’t be able to receive or send message from that user. All the chat history with the unmatched user will be deleted. 

How do I unmatch someone?


You can delete the conversations history on your Chat page,

  1. Unmatch someone. Tap the ellipses icon which is available at the right top corner > Unmatch or

  2. Delete message one by one. Tap the ellipses icon which is available at the right top corner > Delete Message > Select the message to delete by selecting check box > Delete 


All the delete actions on the app are permanent actions. Deleted messages and unmatched users cannot be restored.

How can I delete a message?