Simple Guide

What is the minimum age requirement for RunRun?


The minimum age requirement for using RunRun application is 18 years old.


If you are below 18 years old, we are sorry for unable to provide service. Once registered through the application, it means you declared you are up to 18 years old.

Can I create a new RunRun account after I deleted my account?


Registration after Deleting the Account 

When you are looking for friends, functions or fun, you are welcomed to register a new account!

How do I connect my Facebook / Google to my account?


If you used Facebook / Google Account to login RunRun

If you logged in using Facebook/ Google, your RunRun will be automatically connected to Facebook/ Google. 

If you used mobile phone number to login RunRun

You can link your RunRun account with Facebook / Google, by following the below steps. 

  1. Tap Profile on the main screen

  2. Tap Edit Info

  3. Scroll down and select Connect to Facebook / Google

  4. Confirm your Facebook username and password or Google account login and password, and you’re set!

Hello, a few steps for connecting to RunRun. 

To register with Facebook/ Google Account:

  1. Download the RunRun application on iOS and Android.

  2. Tap “Create Account”

  3. Choose “Sign in with Facebook/ Google Account”

  4. Follow the instruction sign in to your Facebook / Google account 

  5. Allow the application access 

  6. Enter valid Phone number to verify the account

  7. Type the verification code 

  8. Welcome to RunRun!  

To register with your phone number:

  1. Download the RunRun application on iOS and Android

  2. Tap “Create Account”

  3. Choose “Sign up with phone number”

  4. Select the country code and enter a valid phone number that can receive SMS 

  5. Type in the verification code received via SMS to activate the account

  6. Welcome to RunRun!  

How do I create an account?